Expert Property Inspection Services

Dedicated to ensuring your home's safety, efficiency, and integrity.


Unmatched Quality and Precision

Our certified inspectors use the latest technology to provide detailed, accurate assessments for informed decisions about your property.

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Home Inspection Services

Comprehensive evaluations identifying safety, structural, and system issues.

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Environmental Testing

Specialized radon, mold, and water testing to ensure a healthy home environment.

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Energy Efficiency Audits

Optimize your home's energy use and save on utilities with our detailed audits.


Comprehensive Inspection Services

Our services span from detailed home inspections to specialized environmental testing, tailored to meet your specific needs

Radon Testing
Identify and mitigate radon risks with our accurate and reliable testing services.
Mold Inspections
Expert mold detection and advice for remediation to ensure your home’s air quality.
Energy Audits
Discover how to enhance your home's efficiency and comfort while reducing utility costs.

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Ready to ensure your home’s safety, efficiency, and integrity? Let our certified experts provide the peace of mind you deserve. Click below to schedule your comprehensive property inspection with Checkup Property Inspections. Protect your home, protect your future.

Our Detailed Inspection Process

At Checkup Property Inspections, we believe in transparency and thoroughness from start to finish. Our detailed process is designed to give you a complete understanding of your property’s condition, providing the insights and guidance you need to make informed decisions.

What to Expect

Navigating through a property inspection might seem daunting, but with Checkup Property Inspections, it's a journey of discovery and assurance.

Our process, outlined below, is crafted to be as informative as it is comprehensive. We walk you through each step, ensuring you’re fully informed and confident in the findings.

Experience the meticulous attention to detail and personalized care that set us apart.

During Inspection

Our inspectors will guide you through your home, highlighting and explaining key findings.
Post-inspection, we'll review the home's general condition, pinpoint major issues for immediate attention, and identify maintenance points.
You'll receive a detailed Spectora report in HTML/PDF format, featuring discussions, findings, and image references.

Inspection Coverage

Includes inspections of foundations, grading, drainage, basements, and structural components.
Examines roof coverings, drainage systems, flashings, skylights, and roof penetrations.
Assesses service panels, branch circuits, safety devices, and GFCI protection.
Reviews fixtures, water supply systems, waste systems, water heaters, and related systems.
Checks heating and cooling equipment, ducts, vents, and flues.
Inspects built-in appliances including dishwashers, ranges, ovens, and garage door operators.